Plan Your Road Trip to Thatta Using ZJ Car Rental

Are you planning on a trip to interior Sindh? And want to explore old necropolis of the Makli, the Shah Jehan mosque and Haleji Lake? ZJ Rent a Car For Thatta is your one stop solution.

We provide stress-free rent a car for Thatta fulfilling your transportation requirements there. All these destinations are in the district of Thatta, only a few hours far from Karachi. During winter, you will additionally get the chance to see migratory birds on this tour. It is a 100% safe and secure excursion.

Travel early in the morning in our rent a car/coach/van for Thatta. On the way, Visit Chaukindi Tombs, tombs from 15 to 18th century made of Sandstone. Get to Banbhore, go to the museum and walk over the archaeological location of Banbhore.

rent a car for thattaContinue to Thatta and Visit Makli the greatest Muslim graveyard. Over 500,000 graves of Scholars, Poets, Ministers, kings and rich men of Thatta from 15th to 18th century. When Thatta was the heart of education and literature as well as the capital city of Sindh.

In Thatta Visit Shah Jehan Mosque. The mosque was constructed in 1647, two years after the construction of Taj Mahal. Shah Jehan constructed this mosque for people of Thatta. It was for the hospitality rendered to him when he was getting away from the enemy.

Kalri /Kinjhar Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Pakistan. It is in Thatta District. Locals Individuals from all over the Sind and Balochistan come here to experience the bath of Freshwater. Especially people from Karachi arrive here on the picnic. Those who came from Karachi hire rent a car or Van for the whole day. They leave early morning from Karachi as there is about 3 hours drive from Karachi to Thatta.

Lake is perfect for picnic, swimming, boating & sightseeing. Legend of Noori Jam Tamachi also belongs to this lake. Thatta has excellent tourist spots. Karachiites like car journeys, it is a great spot for them. People residing in other areas of Pakistan also visit Thatta to spend their summer vacation.

The cost for the tour is Rs. 3500 per person which includes Private A/C Car/Coach/van, Lunch and Guide. Minimum 6 people are required. Get in touch with us to Book this tour now. Special discounts available for groups and families.